Jewish Bookplates

This page is an appendix of sorts for an article I published in The German Quarterly entitled “Ex Libris and Exchange: Immigrant Interventions in the German-Jewish Renaissance.” In the course of my archival research at the Hebrew Union College Klau Library, I had many more Jewish-themed bookplates that didn’t make it into the confines of the journal article. Instead of having those images sit on my computer, I want to share them.

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Y. D. Berkovitz

Marco Birnholz

Max Brod

Martin Buber

Luiz G. Curio

Albert Einstein

Leo Frenkel

Sigmund Freud

Hans Friedländer

E. David Goitein

Henri B. van Leeuwen

Paul von Loewenberg

Stephani Lustig

Franz Rosenzweig

M. Sisefsky

Louis Titz

Davis Trietsch

Eliyahu Tsherikover

Gustav Uhlmann

A. S. Winter