Race, Religion, and Citizenship in Germany

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This course aims to continue students’ development toward advanced language proficiency by thematically exploring minority cultures in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Topics include German Jews, Nazi propaganda, Turkish Germans, current events, and the translation of American minority cultures into German (hip hop, South Park, etc.). Through the analysis of short stories, poems, TV shows, movies, political cartoons, and news articles, students will gain an historical frame of reference for the evolving concepts of German citizenship and identity.

Race, Religion, and Citizenship in Germany 2014 - Syllabus

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Guest Speaker: Anant Kumar

anantkumar_closeupWe are delighted to be having Anant Kumar, an Indian-German author, as a visitor on the first day of class.  He will give a reading of one of his works in German and follow up with a discussion with the students about issues of race, religion, and citizenship in Germany.