Yiddish for German Speakers


Jiddisch or Jüdisch? This 1-credit course exposes students to the variety of Germanic languages. Students with three semesters of German (German 201 equivalency) will attempt to answer why Swiss German is a dialect, but Dutch and Yiddish are languages. Why was Yiddish called “corrupted German” and “jargon” before WWI, but is now today its own language? What is the border between dialect and another language? For an hour a week, students will discuss linguistic evolution and politics alongside learning to speak the German dialect / Germanic language known as Yiddish.

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Guest Speaker:
Prof. Mary Zeigler, GeorgiaDSC_0351 State University
“Is Ebonics the New Yiddish? Language Politics in Historical Perspective”

We are delighted to have had Prof. Zeigler, an expert on African American English (AAE), speak with our class in a discussion of language politics. Professors Block and Zeigler engaged in a conversation on the historical parallels between Yiddish and Ebonics. Professor Zeigler was accompanied by her research assistant Benjamin R. Moore III. This was made possible through a teaching grant from the Emory Center for Faculty Development and Excellence. Read more.


Assignments for GER 380 Yiddish for German Speakers

Do as much as you can in exactly 1.5 hours. Then for another half hour, check your answers with the answer key and change your answers WITH ANOTHER COLOR PEN. Due the following class to turn in. Audio files for lessons 1-6 are on the Blackboard site.
13.1College Yiddish, p. 25-29
The Alphabet
Printable Flash Cards
Online Flash Cards
20.1College Yiddish, Lesson 1
(Audio file of the text available on Blackboard site.)
27.1Guest lecture by Prof. Mary Zeigler, Georgia State University. "Is Ebonics the New Yiddish? Language Politics in Historical Perspective." Modern Languages Bldg 407 (with the Yiddish 102 class)

College Yiddish, Lesson 2
Test 1: Study Alef-beyz (in-class test)
3.2College Yiddish, Lesson 3
10.2College Yiddish, Lesson 4
17.2NO CLASS – Professor Block at Conference

College Yiddish, Lesson 5
24.2College Yiddish, Lesson 7 (not 6)
3.3דער קלאַס איז הײַנט מיט פּראָפֿ. אודל אין 407, צוזאַמען מיט די תּלמידים פֿון ייִדיש 102.
No Homework
17.3Test 2: Take-home
24.3College Yiddish, Lesson 8
31.3College Yiddish, Lesson 9
7.4College Yiddish, Lesson 10
14.4Test 3: Take-home
21.4Last day of class
No final exam, but any make-up work will be due by Wednesday, May 6th at 10:30am.